10 Best Ways To Learn Coding For The 21st Century Kids

10 Best Ways To Learn Coding For The 21st Century Kids

Coding is also known as computer programming. It is done by writing computer programs, and those who do it are known as programmers. Coding can help make things go digital, for example, on a website, but to learn coding, proper knowledge of coding, a coding language is essential, such as Java.

Why should Kids Learn Coding? Is K-12th Grade School Enough?

Kids and teens should learn to code as coding can open more roads for them. Today, many parents want their kids to learn coding. It is one of the best careers with the highest pays; also, demand for programmers is very high and will grow in the following years. Considering the data on the Bureau of Labor’s median salary, software developers earn $103,560 every year. This will incline by 24 percent every year till 2026. This fact makes it the fastest-growing occupation than any other resulting in the creation of so many coding apps like SoloLearn.

10 Main Tips To Follow To Learn Coding Interestingly

Now before delaying any further, I want to bring the 10 important tips into your consideration before investing in your kid’s future and helping them gain interest in coding:

1. Make It Enjoyable.

Coding for kids online should be fun! Not every computer science teacher aims for this. But this is important because kids in their growing years learn most through activities and games. That is why coding is also gamified. Thus, the best way to learn coding and teach them is through visual block interfaces where the right block is picked and dropped. Another method is text-based coding classes, which involves typing codes; for example,

while(isDaytime) {

growCrops ();


Learn Coding Interestingly

2. Find A Local/Online Class.

Individual classes taken by an expert computer science tutor is the best way to gain skills and expertise. However, it might be a little expensive, but for a bright future, nothing is much. To deal with this, find group classes and online courses as they have well-crafted lesson plans and offer live support with real engineers. Code.org is a coding website to learn coding adequately.

3. Find A Coach:

Online Teaching

Most programmers wish to volunteer, and surprisingly others provide coaching, some online and others through in-person. Coaching can be given by anyone who is well-trained and experienced. Learning by them is invaluable and can be through Skype, Zoom, or other video conferencing/screen share solutions. You could again try giving them coding for kids’ books to help them understand better.

4. Know The Difference Between Visual Block & Text-Based Coding.

Many coding platforms promise to train about the functional programming language. Many teach through visual block method ideal for kids of age group between 5 to 7 years. This method to learn coding is beneficial for this age group. Another technique is text-based coding, suitable for age groups starting from 8 years and above.

5. Coding Games.

Learning is not always limited to a coach or a book. To learn coding is fun, one should try out different intuitive methods such as coding games! It would keep your children hooked onto the platform and help them learn something new. Impressive visual graphics always help a young mind mold efficiently.  

Coding Games

6. Toys For Coding.

Yes, you heard that right. You probably, may not have heard about toys for coding. These include a set of dolls or robots that can be programmed by children. Why not offer the young individuals something that could be curated by their own hands. These would highly increase their interest to learn coding!

7. Help Them Explore The Coding World.

Many applications help children learn more about coding in a new form. They needn’t plunge into complex programming at once. For children aged 12 and more could easily hop onto learning HTML and CSS.

Animations using HTML5

8. Why Not Do It Together?

It is better and more efficient if the parents accompany their children while learning new languages. Think about it! It would help them learn coding in better ways with parental aids. Moreover, it’s just not about the kids who will get benefited, but the parents too!

9. Never Force It On Them.

Learning is fun only when it comes from within. If you move your child to do it, they are never going to learn. What you could do is show them the way. Different exciting forms of interactive coding lessons would help your child grasp the knowledge efficiently and quickly.

10. Make Them Curious About Technology.

Curiosity is the key to learn new things. Build up their curiosity in different gadgets. Let them understand how several codes perform a single click! It will help them learn coding languages efficiently and thoroughly.


Final Words

Coding is enjoyable and can excite kids. This excitement will grow once they see how data is now live on the World Wide Web through their creative input. Their first reaction when they see their work published will be, “Hurray! I did it. I added a few codes, and the content is live on the Internet. Now let me show it to my parents and friends.” Another factor that will influence them to learn coding is that it is gamified.

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