5 Reasons Why Coding Is Necessary For Kids In 21st Century?

5 Reasons Why Coding Is Necessary For Kids In 21st Century?

Why Coding For Kids Is Important?

Being in the 21st century and amidst an unexpected lockdown, parents are finding it difficult to engage their kids in fun activities. If you are a parent who falls under this category, I am sure you can relate to the struggle of keeping your kids actively involved daily. Not to worry! You have reached the perfect place because we have the ideal solutions for you. Yes, it’s CODING! Wait, what? I know you must be thinking Coding for kids sounds strange but teaching Coding to them is even more bizarre.

“Age doesn’t matter if you have the attitude and drive to succeed.”
– Sachin Bansal

As adults, when we hear the word ‘coding’, our mind automatically imagines endless lines of code running on a huge screen, and people lamenting that coding is tough. It is not always like that. Coding for kids is an amusement and fun-loving. We can prove all these myths like ‘I have to go to University to learn Coding’ and ‘We must be genius with an IQ of 160’ wrong for all the right reasons.

Coding Myth Vs Fact

Coding is just a set of instructions given to a computer to do what we want it to do. It is used to create games, websites, apps, etc. In today’s digital world, every single digital application or website we use runs on coding functionalities. Coding for kids has become very necessary in the 21st Century. 

A simple game you play has a set of commands running in the background, providing you a seamless experience. Besides, Coding is today’s creative language and every child deserves a chance to become a creator. It also offers your kids an advantage when it comes to college admissions, employment, etc.

Okay, so why Coding for kids is so important to learn at a younger age? 

“I thought I could make my own games. I wanted to see how games work, that’s what led me to learn how to program computers.”
– Elon Musk

Learning to code is like learning a language, the earlier the better. It helps to acquire logical thinking and problem-solving ability from a young age, which will undoubtedly help in improving their academic performance additionally.

It doesn’t mean that your kids should learn to code just because they feel bored. There are so many other reasons why it’s a profitable idea for your kids to learn to code.

First of all, learning to code is fun!

Coding for kids is like solving puzzles… It gives excitement and ultimate confidence to children when they see how their code is functioning that makes something work. The sheer joy that a child gets when they see their creation, is purely amusing and refreshing. Let’s say, your child creates a game through coding. When they see the game running, it gives them happiness and enthusiasm to create more games through coding. They will start to enjoy coding, exploring, and creating different applications.



Mostly, our children are taught to memorize and learn things in a certain way. Coding for kids helps to learn self-control regarding their thinking processes, allowing them to unleash their creativity and experimentation with different theories & concepts. Even though your child doesn’t aspire to be a coder in the future, problem-solving skills are gonna needful everywhere. It helps them face problems in the real world through their different perspectives.


“Everyone in this world should learn how to program because it teaches you how to think.”
– Steve Jobs

Problem-solving skills are one of the most valued and essential skills that everyone must possess. Coding for kids drills them down to stop looking for the problem and finding a solution instead. It enhances computational thinking which promotes the ability to solve a problem in a systematic approach.

Critical Thinking

This ability helps to make rational decisions under critical situations. Coding requires these skills to solve the existing problems analytically. A problem may have multiple solutions that enable every child to think logically and choose the perfectly-fitted solution to the problems. Yes, Coding for kids is damn important for their IQ and sharpness level.



Confidence is a key trait for every success. Coding involves learning interests and curiosity which manifestly make kids more captured into their daily activities. How the kids gain confidence? 

When they see the results of their creation’s implementation. It boosts their confidence and self-esteem, fostering the idea that they can achieve anything.


Coding for kids can make a community and connect themselves to solving others’ problems and finding solutions by building a team through cooperation and collaboration. It imparts the idea of working together from an early stage which encourages them to interact with new people and make new worthy contacts – an influential skill required everywhere.

Now that you have read about why your child should learn to code/why Coding for kids is important, how will you make that happen?

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“Instead of buying your children all the things you never had, you should teach them all the things you were never taught.”
– Bruce Lee 

Final Words

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