Top 5 Programming Languages Every Kid Should Learn At Its Early Age

Top 5 Programming Languages Every Kid Should Learn At Its Early Age

People often get confused in deciding which programming language they should learn. 

  • Which programming languages should they learn? 
  • Which programming language should I start learning with? 
  • What programming language do people hate the most, and why? 
  • Which programming language would you recommend a beginner to learn first? 
  • According to you, which programming languages will be trending in the future?
  • Which is the best programming language in the 21st Century?

Maybe these questions are correct and maybe they are incomplete. Yes, of course, some of them are incomplete. First of all, you should know what is programming, and then you should make a list of programming languages. Also, you should know Why Should You Learn Computer Programming.

Now that you have researched and studied everything you need to know. Let’s move forward with something more specific. What will you say if someone asks you what type of developer you want to become? How will you answer that question? Of course, you will speak about your interests and passion. Based on that, you will get to know whether you want to become a Web DeveloperGame Developer, or Desktop Developer.

We think you are getting the strategy of how a kid, beginner/newbie, or student should know about programming languages. So, we shall start with the Top 5 Programming Languages Which Every Kid Should Learn.

(1) Java


JAVA is one of the most popular programming languages that is widely used expressly designed for use in the distributed environment of the internet. Now, why and what you should know about it before start learning it. Tap on the links we have listed below and you will know the core concepts of Java very smoothly.

Features Of Java

(2) Python


Programming Languages like Python is very simple and easy to understand. It’s design philosophy emphasizes code readability. Beginners can easily start learning this language because of its easy-to-learn feature.

Features Of Python

(3) JavaScript


JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language that is easy to learn and a combination of HTML & CSS. If you don’t know about any of them, let us save your time.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It defines the content of web pages. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It specifies the layout of web pages. Whereas, JavaScript programs the behavior of web pages.

Features Of JavaScript

(4) Kotlin


Kotlin is one of the best programming languages that is vastly used by Android Developers everywhere. It is a cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose programming language with type interference.

Features Of Kotlin

(5) Swift


Swift is a friendly, powerful, and intuitive programming language for new programmers. It is similar to Ruby & Python. Programming Languages like Swift also supports/runs on macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and beyond.

Features Of Swift

Final Words

In this article, we have shown you our research and roadmap to the Top 5 Programming Languages that every kid should learn at its early age.

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